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Privacy Policy Statement

Version of 31 January 2022

CRWG is an unincorporated association working within the context of the Australian Computer Society (ACS). As an organisation with turnover greater than the Privacy Act (Cth) s.6d threshold of $3m p.a., ACS is subject to that Act. CRWG may or may not be, but in any case conducts itself in a manner consistent with the Act.

Data Collection

CRWG collects data that is submitted to it by participants in the consultation process. This comprises:

CRWG does not use cookies.

Data Storage and Security

CRWG stores data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorised access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity.

Data is logged, as per normal business practices, by CRWG's service-provider (VentraIP, which in turn uses a wholesale service-provider).

Data Use and Disclosure

CRWG uses data provided by participants in the following ways:

No checking or authentication of email-addresses is performed. Participants may choose to use a pseudonymous email-address. This may preclude any further contact. A persistent pseudonym may be established, however, in which case the possibility exists of some party that gains access to the data correlating successive interactions and the data that they contain, possibly including the data gathered by the web-server.

CRWG might conceivably, under appropriate circumstances, use or disclose the data for:

Data Retention and Destruction

The data will be retained only as long as is consistent with its purpose. However:

Subject Access and Correction

If a participant makes a reasonable request for access to data arising from their participation, CRWG will endeavour to provide access conveniently and without unreasonable delay.

In the event that a participant disputes some aspect of data that was provided by them, or that purports to have been provided by them, or that has been generated as a result of the interaction, CRWG will take reasonable steps in relation to investigation of the matter, and to any appropriate amendment, supplementation or deletion of that data.